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Knight Rider Movie (2008)

The 80ies cult TV-Series "Knight Rider" is back! On Feb. 17 2008 9pm NBC shows a 2hour movie "Knight Rider". If the show will be a sucess, we can look forward to a new Knight Rider series.

In fall 2007 we can hear some voices talking about the return of the 80ies tv-series Knight Rider. And at X-Mas 2007 the hop of thousands of fans come true: On Dec. 24 2007 we could watch the first trailer anouncing the new Knight Rider movie on NBC (watch trailer). First pictures from the set appeared. On Dec. 12 2007 the new KITT (Knight Industries Three Thousand) was presentated to the people watch the video. Deanna Russo, who played the female lead in the new movie, described Knight Rider in an interview shortly but: "The depth and complexity, it'll blow your mind.". And now we are looking to a new Kngiht Rider.

Deutsche Version Informationen über den neuen Knight Rider Film auf Deutsch.

KITT at valet parking. Like in the 80ies tv-show, KITT preferes to park by himself:


A great 2min. Trailer about the new Knight Rider movie:


15-second Trailer, showed x-mas 2007

This Trailer ist equal to a trailer to the 80ies series. Watch it under 80er TV-Serie (only in german).

Watch this 30sec. Trailer showed on Jan. 06, 2008. You can discover something about KITT (Knight Industries Three Thousand):


Knight Rider Movie (2008) - KITT

KITT is the coolest car ever build. KITT's computer is able to crack any system, he can change his exterior and interior look and he doesn't loose his human behaviour.

In the new Knight Rider movie on NBC, KITT is not a TransAm. KITT is based on a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR. The frontnose of KITT covers his typically red-light scanner.

More Information about KITT in Knight Rider (2008).

Knight Rider Film (2008) - The Story

Read the plot summery: Knight Rider 2008 Story (actually only in german).

Knight Rider Film (2008) - Characters and actors

Get some information about the characters and actors shown in Knight Rider the movie: Characters (actually only in german).

Knight Rider Film (2008) - A collection of Trailer and pictures


  • Knight Rider 20sec. Trailer "Valet Parking" (Jan. 2008)
  • Knight Rider 2min. Trailer (Jan. 2008)
  • Knight Rider 30sec. Trailer (Jan. 2008)
  • Knight Rider 15sec. Trailer (x-mas 2007)
  • The new KITT
  • Interview with Justin Bruening and pictures from Knight Rider set

  • Pictures:
  • First Pictures from KITT 2008
  • More Pictures with interior pictures of KITT
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